No Toronto Maple Leafs’ fan would tell you that their own team can win the Stanley Cup this season – or any other season, actually. However, if you’re a betting person, you might want to rethink that pessimistic stance. When the odds were listed for those NHL teams that were in the running for the 2022-23 Stanley Cup, the Maple Leafs were among the favorites.

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Maple Leafs’ Fans Have Been Miserable for So Long They Expect More

The feelings of many Maple Leafs’ fans are best exemplified by the character from Winnie The Pooh – Eeyore. He was never happy, and more often than not, Toronto fans follow suit.

However, the betting world doesn’t think with its heart – only its head. Logic reigns. And the logic of the betting odds favors the talented roster that the Maple Leafs have put together. There’s just too much talent and too many abilities to ignore. Maple Leafs’ fans won’t buy it, but facts are facts.

I understand the quicksand of despair that Maple Leafs seem sucked into. It’s been discouraging. But for non-Maple Leafs’ fans, there will be a lot of betting on Toronto to win it all this season. It’s a good team to bet on.

In fact, the betting odds list the Maple Leafs with the second-best odds in the NHL of winning it all. The only team thought to be ahead of the Maple Leafs is the Colorado Avalanche.

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The Specific Odds for Winning the Stanley Cup

Looking at the specific odds, the Maple Leafs are currently listed at +900 odds. A bet of $100 would return the bettor a payout of $1,000 ($900 in profit). After the Avalanche and the Maple Leafs, the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Florida Panthers. In fact, the money is leaning heavily toward the Atlantic Division, which has three of the four teams listed as having the best shots at the Stanley Cup. 

From Oddsshark, here are the best odds for next season’s Stanley Cup.

  • Colorado Avalanche +450
  • Toronto Maple Leafs +900
  • Florida Panthers +1000
  • Tampa Bay Lightning +1000
  • Carolina Hurricanes +1200
  • Edmonton Oilers +1200

The bottom two teams, for fans who want to bet the long shot are the Seattle Kraken (at +15000) or the Arizona Coyotes (at +40000).

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