My old fireplace, the one that I had in the house since the late 1960s, was never very efficient. It never really heated the house, and I spent tons of money over the years trying to get it to work. It never really worked all that well.

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Finally, the fireplace insert broke altogether. A few months ago, because my house was really cold and with an old and broken fireplace, I called my local fireplace company. In short order, a team of workers came to install the new fireplace into my home. When the sales person and installer came, he cleaned out the mess that was the old fireplace. Then he proceeded to install the new insert.

Weldel Clark, part of the Maple Leafs History

No Matter What He Did, It Was Wrong

As he was working, I noted to him that this fireplace insert was way too expensive. Spending all this money on this made it difficult for me to buy anything else. Then, as he was placing the insert into the hole that was created, I was clear to tell him that to me, the insert was the wrong colour. It really should be a darker grey.

Then, all the time he was installing the insert, I complained about the way he was working. I told him that I thought he should have done things in a different order. I told him that I would’ve done it this way. Why did he do it that way anyway? What was he thinking?

No matter what he did, I could see something that he was doing this wrong. And I didn’t hesitate to let him know why. I complained that the tubing wasn’t right. The way the insert sat into the wall could’ve been better. The way to handle was on the door, was wrong. He made a mess on the floor.

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People Whose Business It Is Should Know What They Are Doing

Really, there was very little right about what I saw.

After about two hours of this, he turned at me and said:

“You’re a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, aren’t you?

Matt Murray, part of the Maple Leafs future

Given His Lack of Competence, He Got Lucky

Be the way, the fireplace works great. Just got lucky, that’s for sure. Next time, I’m looking for someone else to install a different fireplace.


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