During an interview today, the Toronto Maple Leafs’ Mitch Marner shared some truth about his good friend Jake Muzzin. In a nutshell, Marner nailed it. There really is more to life than hockey.


The Media Just Found Out the Injury News About Muzzin Today

Marner was reacting to questions from the media, who had just heard the news that Jake Muzzin would be out indefinitely with a cervical spine injury. In fact, he wouldn’t be re-evaluated until late February.

That means that Muzzin, who has played since October 17, would probably not play until later in the season – if at all. The 33-year-old blueliner was placed on the LTIR (long-term injured reserve) in late October. It looks as if he’ll stay that way.

Marner knew much earlier that his teammate and close friend Muzzin would be out long-term with a spine injury. As he shared with the interviewer, Marner knew about it quite a long time before it was released to the public.

Marner’s Assessment of Muzzin and Life

Marner’s assessment of Muzzin’s situation was that “there are a lot bigger things out there than hockey.” Then Marner went on to explain why he believed Muzzin was such an “awesome guy to have around the rink and the room.”

Marner Speaks with Muzzin Every Day – Maybe More than Muzzin’s Wife

Marner noted that he talks to Muzzin daily – perhaps more than his wife. He agreed Muzzin’s injury was both unfortunate. However, to Marner, Muzzin was more than just a teammate, he was a friend.

What makes Muzzin so special to Marner (and other teammates) is how much he loves the game and how much he dedicates himself to working out and doing the right things in the summertime. That way, Muzzin puts himself in the right spot to be successful and be ready for the upcoming season.

Jake Muzzin, Maple Leafs

Marner noted that he had heard the news when he and Muzzin shared some time alone. As Marner noted, it was a pretty emotional time when the two friends shared the sadness of the long-term injury.

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Marner Gets Philosophical and Gets It Right

Marner put the injury (and Muzzin’s hockey career) into perspective when he said, “But you know … there are a lot bigger things out here than hockey and playing this game.”

To Marner, having family and people around you who you love are the keys. Speaking about Muzzin, he believes his family and the group of people around him have “been amazing for him through this time.”

Even more important to Marner is that Muzzin has continued to be himself. “He’s been awesome around the rink still (gives his teammates) just so much support and positivity.”

Muzzin Is Still Muzzin: He’s an Uplifting Person

The bottom line is that Muzzin continues to be “a great person to have around the rink all the time; and, he still brings that positively regardless of the news that he’s getting.”

Instead of being needy or depressed, Muzzin hangs out with the team every day; and, “around the guys,” he’s been simply doing “a lot of uplifting.”

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