I really like Jack Campbell as a person. As a goalie I’d want to stake my life on to win a game, well – not so much.

Furthermore, I’m obviously not alone in the fact that I like Campbell. It seems that, even when he played poorly with the Edmonton Oilers this season, Oilers’ fans continue to love him. I get it.

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The Oilers Signed Campbell to a Big Contract During the Offseason

During the offseason, the Oilers needed a starting goaltender. So, they went out and signed Campbell to a big contract. General manager Ken Holland obviously believed and expected Campbell to come in and fill the role of the team’s starting goalie. However, the fact of the matter is that Campbell’s performance has not lived up to the expectations set by his contract. 

Jim Parsons Wrote About Campbell’s Contract in The Hockey Writers

In fact, in a recent post in The Hockey Writers, Oilers’ writer Jim Parsons wrote about Campbell’s contract and his play with the team. He called the contract an “ugly” signing for the Oilers.

Honestly, it’s true that a player’s performance can change over time. It’s also true that it might be too early to tell what Campbell’s long-term success with the Oilers might be. However, no one can argue – and even his supporters don’t argue differently – that Campbell has not lived up to expectations.

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Oilers’ Fans Continue to Support Campbell

What interested me were the comments of the Oilers’ readers/fans. They were interesting. First, they reminded me yet again why Campbell was one of my favourite Maple Leafs’ players when he played here. Second, the comments made me wonder if Oilers’ fans and Maple Leafs’ fans were cut from the same cloth.

Jack Campbell, when he was with the Maple Leafs

Oilers’ fans might be totally different and far more forgiving than Maple Leafs’ fans. They universally stuck up for Campbell. They disagreed with Parsons’ post and noted that it was too critical and premature. They suggested that he should give Campbell more time to show his value.

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Oilers’ Fans Didn’t Disagree with Campbell’s Play, But …

Specifically, the fans agreed that Campbell wasn’t “having a good season.” But one reader cautioned that “it’s too early to tell and he will have at least one more year to figure it out.” The reader noted that “If he is still playing the way he is now a year from now, then people can jump on him. However, at this point, it’s too early.”

Another reader agreed with the first and noted that it was far too early to judge the Campbell contract. Specifically, “For this year alone, yeah you could argue it’s ugly. Talk to me again in a year and we’ll see how it looks then.”

You Gotta Love Oilers’ Fans for Their Support

Interesting. I have to appreciate that attitude of Oilers’ fans. I’m not so sure Maple Leafs’ fans would be so supportive. The truth is that I too like Campbell and find him endearing as a person. He’s human and his confidence is fragile. Meaning – he’s just like the rest of us. We all get it!

Still one of the good guys, no matter how poorly he’s playing, fans love Jack Campbell. I really like that!


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