After Kyle Dubas’ departure from the Toronto Maple Leafs, he’s suddenly become a subject of speculation in the NHL rumour mill. Although he stated that he would not rush into another NHL job, that doesn’t stop the rumours flowing that he’s going to land here – or there – or anywhere.

The fact is that there are jobs in the NHL, and probably Dubas would be considered as a prime candidate for a number of them. Most recently, he’s been linked to potential front-office openings with the Ottawa Senators and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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Elliotte Friedman Links Dubas to Pittsburgh and Ottawa

According to Elliotte Friedman on Hockey Night in Canada, the Pittsburgh Penguins have ramped up their search for a new general manager. It is mentioned that the Penguins might reach a decision as early as next week and might reach out to Dubas to gauge his interest in the job with the team.

Who knows whether Dubas would be interested? However, Friedman expects the Penguins to request permission to talk with him. In fact, just as I was typing this sentence a message showed up on my phone that the Penguins had, indeed, reached out; and, they had, indeed, been given said permission.

The rumours surrounding Dubas and the potential interest from other teams make sense. Dubas has been engaged front-and-center in the action of team-building and organizational development. One problem the Maple Leafs will have is that so many members of Toronto’s organization have been hired and developed by Dubas. He’s developed a team and a culture that will permeate the organization for years after he’s gone.

Luke Fox Doesn’t Believe Dubas Will Go to the Penguins

There’s no doubt that Dubas will remain an intriguing leadership candidate for teams NHL teams seeking a new general manager. However, he might want a job higher up an organization’s food chain.

Sportsnet’s Luke Fox suggests that there might not be a high likelihood of Dubas joining the Penguins as their general manager. However, Fox notes the possibility that Dubas could be interested in a front-office role with the Ottawa Senators.

According to Fox’s article, the Senators currently have Pierre Dorion as their general manager. However, a new ownership group might want to create a president of hockey operations role for Dubas. This position would be a fit for Dubas, considering his background and experience with the Maple Leafs. It would seem that it’s a job he’s been groomed for.

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Obviously There’s Speculation, However …

Obviously, rumors are just that – rumors. Any information from any source is based on speculation and insider opinions. Other than the fact that the Penguins have permission to speak with Dubas, there haven’t been reports about Dubas’s intentions.

However, late yesterday Howard Berger tweeted the above. Jason Spezza quickly resigned after Dubas was let go. As a result, it’s tough not to link the two of them together. Given Spezza’s long-time link with the Senators, the Dubas-to-the-Senators rumors make sense.

Now we’ll see what happens.


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