Denis Malgin, who had kicked around with the Toronto Maple Leafs for a number of seasons, was eventually traded to the Colorado Avalanche on December 19 for Dryden Hunt. His time in 2022-23 with the Maple Leafs started well but faded. Eventually, the Maple Leafs desired a bigger and more physical body in the depth position. As a result, Malgin was expendable.

However, with the Avalanche he had more opportunity to play in the team’s top six. How did he do?

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Malgin Finds His Offensive Stride

Almost immediately after joining the Avalanche, Malgin made an impact. In just his second game with the team, he scored his first goal against the Tampa Bay Lightning. It was a sign of things to come – sometimes.

During the 2022-23 NHL regular season, Malgin split time between the Maple Leafs and the Avalanche. In his 23 games with the Maple Leafs, he scored two goals and added two assists (for only four points). After joining the Avalanche, Malgin started to score more. In his 42 games, he scored 11 goals and added six assists (for a better total of 17 points) in 42 games.

Malgin Had Continued Success

Malgin’s scoring didn’t fade after his first goal. In the games that followed, he was consistent. He found the net against the Minnesota Wild. He also followed it up with a strong performance against the Calgary Flames. Even when he played limited minutes, he contributed.

However, Malgin experienced some tough patches during the season. There were games when he struggled to generate offence. In fact, Malgin’s battled through injuries and missed a number of games.

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The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Malgin’s season with the Avalanche was a rollercoaster of highs and lows. He did show some offensive ability and helped play a role in his team’s success. However, he faced injury setbacks.

In the end, Malgin made valuable contributions to his new team. His performance during the season highlighted his ability to score if he played in the team’s top-six units. He also adapted to new surroundings well.

It’s tough to say where Malgin might end up next season. He can make positive impacts when given the chance; however, his lack of size proved to be costly for him. If he’s not able to score, he has less of an ability to make an impact.

What Happens Next Season with Malgin?

Malgin’s contract expires on July 1. Then what?

Will Malgin continue his NHL career with the Avalanche, or will he return to Switzerland? He’s a talented forward who has some offensive skills. The question for his fans (and I am one) is where he might employ these skills next season.

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