The Toronto Maple Leafs are currently over the salary cap by over $8.8 million and need to create space to re-sign Samsonov to a new deal.

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Jake Muzzin: Will He Move to LTIR?

One way to free up salary-cap space is to place Jake Muzzin and his contract on long-term injured reserve (LTIR). Although this move would help, it’s still believed that the team would be over the cap by $2.4 million for the upcoming season.

Matt Murray: Will He Be Bought Out?

To further alleviate the cap issue, there’s a chance that goalie Matt Murray might be bought out or traded soon. Murray’s contract is a burden, with carries with it a value of nearly $4.7 million. The idea of a buyout is mentioned as a way to help the new general manager (GM) Brad Treliving get some breathing room to re-sign Samsonov.

If a trade could be explored, likely the team would have to attach a “sweetener.” This would include additional assets or draft picks to incentivize a trade. This approach would be the best because it would help offload Murray’s contract numbers and create additional salary-cap space.

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There’s Still Much to Do

The team is beginning to take shape since GM Treliving has brought in a couple of great additions. However, one action needs to have another corresponding re-action. The salary-cap numbers are finite and very tight. Maple Leafs fans should expect some movement over the next while as the team settles its roster.

People will move and people will stay. However, for now, it isn’t clear who might leave town with Murray if he moves. There’s still work to do.

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