During this offseason, the Toronto Maple Leafs have been busy making moves to strengthen their roster. In a recent interview, Mitch Marner was asked what he thought about the new signings. He was clear that he was enthusiastic about the additions of Ryan Reeves, Tyler Bertuzzi, and his former London Knights teammate Max Domi.

Marner believes each of these new players will bring an element of grittiness to the lineup. And, he looks forward to that happening. At the same time, Marner believes the new guys also bring the added element of scoring.

In this post, I’ll take a look at what Marner has to say about the state of the team as the summer moves forward.

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Marner Likes the New Players’ Grit and Skill

Really, during an interview, no current player (in this case Marner) on a roster is going to downgrade anyone who’s coming into the team. That said, it seemed that Marner really thought highly of the new players. He especially highlighted their ability to get under opponents’ skin and disrupt their opponents’ games.

Mitch Marner of the Toronto Maple Leafs

Reeves particularly, who is known for his physicality and willingness to stand up for his teammates, was mentioned. He’ll undoubtedly add an intimidating presence on the ice. Bertuzzi is a skilled forward who has the ability to hold onto the puck and create scoring chances.

Marner also expressed his excitement about reuniting with Domi. He particularly liked what Domi brought in terms of his tenacity and offensive skill. The combination of grit and skill these three players brought to the team has Marner looking forward to the upcoming season.

Marner Reached Out to the New Players, Just in Case

As a way to build a relationship with the new guys, Marner shared that he had reached out to each new player. He took the time to welcome them to the team and wanted to be ready to answer questions they might have about living arrangements and the practical things that might be on their minds.

He also was ready to answer any questions they had about the organization’s expectations. Nice that Marner tried to build camaraderie and establish a rapport with his new teammates. It demonstrates that he cares to help foster a positive team dynamic.

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Marner’s More Concerned about Matthews & Nylander as His Friends than His Teammates

In an interesting twist on the conversation, Marner was asked whether he talked with either Auston Matthews or William Nylander about their possible re-signing. He said he hadn’t. Instead, he noted that for him their friendship was more important than his relationship with them as teammates.

He admitted that he had not talked about their ongoing contract negotiations. Instead, he emphasized that he sees himself as their friend first and their teammate second. Specifically, he was concerned whether they’d be able to make his summer wedding.

Mitch Marner, Maple Leafs

However, about their signings, Marner was optimistic everything would work out. He did note that both Matthews and Nylander have a huge passion for the team and wanted to stay in Toronto.

The Bottom Line

As the Maple Leafs get ready for another season, Marner was excited about the new players headed to the team. He believes the infusion of grit and skill they bring will help the team.

The additions of Reeves, Bertuzzi, and Domi will certainly change the team’s play on the ice. Fans will look forward to having a new team moving forward toward the postseason.

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