A few years ago, the Toronto Maple Leafs Nick Robertson generated a ton of buzz. He was a smallish but talented forward drafted by the team in 2019. He could score – oh, my, could he score. However, for as hard as Robertson tried, he has been slowed by injuries. He hasn’t made it.

Over his path to the NHL, he’s had some highs. But mostly it’s been lows. It’s gotten to the point where many Maple Leafs fans and analysts are wondering if this is the year he finally breaks out. And, if not this year, then when? Next season might be too late.

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Key Takeaways from Robertson’s Journey to the NHL

Here are my six key takeaways from Robertson’s journey forward toward the goal of playing regularly in the NHL with the Maple Leafs.

Takeaway One: Robertson Has Battled Injuries

Injuries have been a significant hurdle in Robertson’s development. They’ve limited his playing time and thwarted his potential. The rollercoaster of injuries has undoubtedly affected his progress.

Takeaway Two: Robertson Has Shown Promise in Lower Leagues

Robertson’s time in lower leagues showcased his promising attributes. Among those are his remarkable speed, lethal shot, and unwavering tenacity. However, transitioning these skills to regular success in the NHL has been challenging.

Takeaway Three: There Is Hope for a Robertson NHL Breakout

Despite the setbacks, there remains hope that Robertson can find his stride in the NHL. His health and adaptability to the NHL game are crucial factors that could determine his success. If he can stay healthy, he could become a winner.

Takeaway Four: Robertson Needs to Overcome Doubts

Doubts have arisen regarding Robertson’s ability to make a lasting impact in the NHL. There are concerns about his shot selection and on-ice awareness. These have added complexity to his further development.

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Takeaway Five: Closing Window of Opportunity

At just 21 years old, Robertson is still relatively young. That said, the window to prove himself as an NHL player is gradually closing. This upcoming season is pivotal for him. Can he demonstrate significant improvement? If not, then what? Would his time in Toronto be done?

Takeaway Six: There’s Still Belief in Robertson’s Potential

Despite the challenges he’s faced, there is still the belief in Robertson’s potential. His agility, speed, and on-ice awareness are recognized are strengths. Can these contribute to his future success?

The Bottom Line

Robertson’s journey is a testament to a combination of rotten luck tempered by resilience and determination. Can he carve out a successful NHL career?

He faces a really crucial test during the upcoming season. As always, he’ll enter the season with hope and determination. He’s mature that way.

I’m hoping that he can finally make the leap to the NHL and have a season where injuries don’t keep him off the ice. Only then can he fulfill his promise as a budding star in the NHL.

This might be one of the last chances that he gets. Sad but true!

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