To say that Easton Cowan had a strong first game against NHL opposition would be an understatement. In fact, Toronto Maple Leafs Head Coach Sheldon Keefe said that he had a hard time with his lines because, every time Cowan went on the ice, he made things happen. Keefe admitted that he would have liked to give other “older” young players more of a chance. But, how could he NOT play Cowan?

The truth is that Keefe couldn’t help himself. Cowan was that impressive.

In this post, I’d like to organize three takeaways from Cowan’s first NHL preseason game.

Takeaway One: Cowan Put In an Outstanding Performance

Cowan’s first NHL preseason game with the Toronto Maple Leafs left a significant impact. Despite his young age, small size, and relative inexperience at the NHL level, Cowan showcased his skills, work ethic, and determination.

Head coach Keefe couldn’t help but express admiration for Cowan’s exceptional performance, stating that the rookie “put an exclamation point on it” during the game. Cowan’s standout play earned him recognition and raised expectations for his future in the league.

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Takeaway Two: Cowan Rose to the Occasion

Preseason games serve as a platform for young players to prove themselves and gain a spot on the regular-season roster. Cowan embraced this opportunity and demonstrated his ability to elevate his game when it mattered most. But is there even a chance he can make the roster? It would seem that’s for another season.

His performance against the Senators caught his coach’s eye – and everyone else’s, too. It highlighted his potential to contribute to his team’s success. Cowan’s ability to step up and shine, even against more experienced opponents, bodes well for his future in the NHL.

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Takeaway Three: Cowan Has a Promising Future

While Cowan’s journey to becoming an NHL player is still a work in progress, his dedication and hard work are undeniable. His exceptional preseason showing has generated excitement among fans and the coaching staff. As the regular season approaches, the Maple Leafs and their supporters eagerly anticipate what lies ahead for Cowan.

The young forward’s ability to adapt and thrive, even in the face of competition from seasoned veterans, reflects his determination to succeed at the highest level. Cowan’s journey has already been marked by remarkable moments, leaving a lasting impression on the Maple Leafs organization and supporters alike.

Now what happens in the future? How fun is this youngster going to be for Maple Leafs’ fans?

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