The Toronto Maple Leafs have recalled Pontus Holmberg from the American Hockey League (AHL) Toronto Marlies back to the NHL. The move was noted as a way to cover for Tyler Bertuzzi, who has been fighting some illness over the past while. But, could it be more?

Last season, when Holmberg came to the team, while he didn’t set the house afire, he didn’t look out of place either. At the time, head coach Sheldon Keefe reported that Holmberg doesn’t make many errors on the ice.

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What Makes Holmberg a Reliable Player?

Holmberg has undeniable potential. As well, a number of unique qualities set him apart from other prospects. Holmberg’s versatility is a valuable asset, and he provided depth and a reliable presence on the ice. Furthermore, because he’s probably raring to go when he hits NHL ice, he’s expected to have an immediate impact on the team’s performance. There’s no doubt that his recent AHL stint has reignited his determination and hunger, making him even more determined and hardworking.

The team believes he can be a capable player who can deliver consistent, solid performances. The question now is whether he can take advantage of this recall to give him a second chance to showcase his NHL potential. The team recognizes his distinct qualities and eagerly anticipate how he’ll contribute to their success in upcoming games. Now fans just get to watch to see how he plays.

Does Holmberg Give the Team Some Lineup Decisions?

The return of Holmberg to the NHL might just offer some lineup decisions for the Maple Leafs as they prepare to face the Tampa Bay Lightning tonight. Bertuzzi, who played through an undisclosed injury during the recent loss to the Florida Panthers, appears to be on the road to recovery. However, despite his optimism about playing in tonight’s game against Tampa Bay, is there still a question about his availability?

As a precaution, the Maple Leafs have recalled Pontus Holmberg from AHL Toronto. All this said, Bertuzzi has (to my eyes anyway) had some trouble fitting into the team’s lineup. I can see sitting Bertuzzi for a game or two – just in case of his health; or, just to give him a time to collect his thoughts about how he could be a stronger addition to the team’s success.

Pontus Holmberg, Maple Leafs

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Holmberg Will Become a Regular in the Maple Leafs Lineup – One Day

Holmberg has had a good two-game stint with the Marlies. He’s contributed a goal and an assist. He could potentially step in if Bertuzzi is unable to play tonight. I’m wondering if there might be more. Is there a chance that Holmberg might be poised to take Bertuzzi’s place in the lineup – regardless of his health.

While Bertuzzi has been a contributor this season, he hasn’t come as advertized. Maybe it’s his recent injury. However, might there be another reason for the team’s proactive move to bringing him up to the big team?

Could Holmberg’s arrival be a hint that there’s a potential changing of the guard? If he does play, the Lightning game promises to be an interesting one. I don’t yet know with the Maple Leafs’ coaching staff is thinking about its lineup.

That leaves me wondering about the team’s long-term decisions about Bertuzzi, or Max Domi, or – in this case – Holmberg. What is his return telling us? Is there more going on that just Bertuzzi has been ill?

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