Happy Christmas to all readers of Old Prof Hockey. In this Christmas post, I’ll keep it short and talk about the Toronto Maple Leafs superstar player Auston Matthews and how he continues to dominate the NHL with his exceptional play this season.

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Matthews and Marner Were at It Again on Saturday Night Against the Blue Jackets

A significant storyline that happened during the last game was the reunion of Matthews and Mitch Marner on the same line. The two create a dynamic and electrifying partnership. Right from the start, they have demonstrated incredible chemistry, bringing a new level of excitement to the Maple Leafs.

In the win over the Columbus Blue Jackets, Marner showed his intelligence and patience. He assisted on two almost identical highlight-reel plays. Both set up Matthews for stunning goals. The patience displayed by Marner, waiting for the perfect moment, perfectly complement Matthews’ ability to find space on the ice.

As a result, Matthews scored his 28th goal of the season. He simply keeps reinforcing his status as one of the league’s top players. In a few weeks, when the NHL gears up for the All-Star festivities, Matthews will likely be the Maple Leafs’ representative. He certainly stands among the NHL’s elites.

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Matthews Has Not Yet Taken a Penalty This Season

A fascinating and little-known aspect of Matthews’ game is his remarkable discipline. Despite his aggressive style and frequent puck steals, Matthews has yet to been assessed a single penalty this season. This impressive statistic underscores Matthews’ ability to play with intensity while maintaining clean and fair gameplay. His consistently retrieving the puck without resorting to penalties speaks volumes about his skill and sportsmanship.

Auston Matthews, Maple Leafs

Matthews seems poised for more accolades, with potential All-Star and even Lady Byng Trophy considerations. His combination of offensive prowess, defensive acumen, and disciplined play make him a standout candidate for various honours. As fans continue to marvel at Matthews’ incredible stickhandling, goal-scoring prowess, and overall impact on the game, it’s clear that he is a key driving force behind the Maple Leafs’ success this season.

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