In a season marred by injuries and setbacks, the Vancouver Canucks received a much-needed boost with the return and recovery of key players. During the Canucks 2-1 overtime win over the Los Angeles Kings, long-time Vancouver hockey analyst Iain MacIntyre shared his insights about some of the good news that has been coming to the Canucks. And that was even before the team came back to tie and beat the Kings in overtime.

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What’s the Good News for this Canucks Team?

According to MacIntyre, here’s a rundown of the positive developments shaping up for the team.

Good News One: Carson Soucy’s Impactful Return

Defenseman Carson Soucy’s comeback to the lineup has been impactful. Despite facing adversity with injuries, Soucy has been instrumental in the Canucks’ success. When he’s been able to play, the team has put up an impressive record of 17-3-2 in the 21 games he’s played – including tonight’s win.

Three things make him a positive addition to the team. First, his defensive game is solid. Second, he’s a strong penalty-killer. Third, he brings a positive locker-room presence. Each aspect has worked to solidify his importance to the team’s performance.

Good News Two: Vasili Podkolzin’s Promising Debut

After a stint in the American Hockey League (AHL), forward Vasili Podkolzin made a promising return to the NHL lineup. Despite initial expectations for a more prolonged development period (as was the case for Nils Hoglander), Podkolzin’s debut showed that he was ready for a bigger role with the Canucks. His impressive performance hints at the potential impact he could have on the team’s forward lines moving forward.

Good News Three: Guillaume Brisebois’ Remarkable Recovery

Young defenseman Guillaume Brisebois’ recovery from a serious concussion has been remarkable. He was set to make the Canucks roster out of training camp, but he was injured in a preseason game. He struggled to recover from the concussion he suffered.

There were even some doubts that he might not have a future in hockey. However, Brisebois’ recent progress and return to practice offer hope for his continued career. He will likely return to the AHL for both conditioning and to bring his game up to speed. His determination to work hard and overcome adversity is good news for his teammates and fans.

The Bottom Line for the Canucks

Not only did the Canucks come back to beat the Kings, who had shut them down just a few days ago, but in doing so there was also other good news surrounding the team. Specifically, the return and recovery of key players like Soucy, Podkolzin, and perhaps one day Brisebois provide a morale boost for the team. In the case of Soucy and Podkolzin, it also brings reinforcements to the team’s depth right now.

Oh, by the way, with the win the Canucks are in first place in the Western Conference. That’s good news, too.

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