The Toronto Maple Leafs face a decision regarding their goaltending rotation as they approach the final stretch of the regular season and prepare for the playoffs. They have three solid goalies on the roster, and there are some choices the team might make regarding them.

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Three Choices the Maple Leafs Might Make Regarding Goalies

Here are some considerations based on the current situation:

Choice One: Working on Joseph Woll’s Development

Joseph Woll’s performance has shown promise in the past. However, he seems to be working out the kinks since returning from his injury. He’s still a work in progress. He won last night’s game against the New Jersey Devils but hasn’t been himself.

Because he’s such a key part of the Maple Leafs’ future, the team might continue to work on his development, giving him more game action as the regular season winds down. Whether he is the Game One playoff starter or not, he needs opportunities to get his game back.

Choice Two: Continue to Work on Ilya Samsonov’s Strong Play

Ilya Samsonov has been performing well. He appears to be the team’s top goaltender heading into the postseason. His consistency and reliability in the net make him a valuable asset to Toronto’s playoff aspirations. Does the team rest him to be ready, or should they allow him to head into the postseason with a balance of game action and rest?

In other words, will they continue their goalie rotation as the regular season winds down?

Choice Three: Focus on Playoff Preparations and Utilize Martin Jones More

While Samsonov is expected to lead the goaltending duties in the playoffs, it’s crucial to have a backup goaltender ready in case of any unforeseen circumstances or performance dips. Right now that goalie is Woll. However, fans will remember that Samsonov was injured against the Florida Panthers in last season’s playoffs. Woll needed to step in.

Currently, Martin Jones is goalie insurance. He could serve as a reliable option to provide relief or mop-up duty if needed. Should the team rest Samsonov and Woll and give Jones the net for a few games as the regular season winds down?

Balancing Rest and Rotation Might Be Crucial for the Maple Leafs Goalies

As the Maple Leafs wind down their season, they might consider a balanced approach to deploying their goaltenders over the next four games. This could involve giving Woll additional playing time to continue his development while ensuring Samsonov remains sharp and ready for the postseason.

Ultimately, the decision on goaltender deployment will depend on balancing the team’s immediate needs with Woll and Samsonov’s long-term development and readiness. Jones might be a reliable answer in that case.

The Maple Leafs coaching staff must carefully assess the situation and determine the best strategy to optimize their goaltending rotation leading into the playoffs.

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