The Toronto Maple Leafs are searching for a new general manager (GM). One candidate that has emerged is Brad Treliving. While I have to admit that, at first, the choice seemed a bit too boring, I’ve been rethinking my initial reaction.

In this post, I’ll share my thoughts about why he might emerge as a strong candidate for the job. He might be just what the doctor ordered.

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Treliving Had an Up-and-Down Time as Calgary Flames GM

There has been some scrutiny surrounding his tenure with the Calgary Flames. That said, Treliving’s experience, ability to make tough decisions, and track record of acquiring valuable assets make him a potential candidate for the job. Here are four reasons why Treliving is a serious candidate for the GM position with the Maple Leafs. He also certainly aligns with Brendan Shanahan’s criteria for the role.

Reason One: Treliving Has Proven NHL Experience

Treliving’s former position as the GM of the Calgary Flames provides him with valuable experience in managing an NHL team. This experience equips him with a deep understanding of the league’s dynamics, player evaluation, and roster management.

Treliving has also dealt with some of the challenges and pressures that come with the role, making him well-prepared to handle the demands of leading a team like the Maple Leafs. Specifically, he knows that – if players wish to leave the team – he’s now more willing to trade them than he might have been before.

Reason Two: Treliving Has Demonstrated an Ability to Make Tough Decisions

Shanahan had two key criteria when he was seeking a GM for the Maple Leafs. He wanted someone who had experience and he wanted someone who could make tough decisions when necessary. Treliving has showcased these abilities during his tenure. Despite facing criticism, he has made bold moves, including trading key players like Johnny Gaudreau and Sean Monahan if it benefits the team’s long-term interests.

Treliving’s willingness to make tough calls might become a necessity for the Maple Leafs. That he has demonstrated this commitment to building a competitive roster and making necessary changes to achieve success can only be helpful for the Maple Leafs’ need to move forward.

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Reason Three: Treliving Has a Track Record of Acquiring Valuable Assets

Treliving has shown the ability to acquire valuable assets; and, this should not be overlooked. Despite the challenges faced during his time in Calgary, he managed to secure solid top-four defensemen and impactful forwards in trades.

Brad Treliving

His track record highlights his proficiency in identifying valuable talent and making trades that provide positive returns. With the Maple Leafs aiming to strengthen their roster, Treliving’s history of acquiring quality assets could prove invaluable.

Reason Four: Treliving Aligns with Shanahan’s Vision

Brendan Shanahan’s vision for the team involves finding a general manager who shares his philosophy and can execute his strategic plans. Treliving’s experience, decision-making ability, and commitment to building a competitive team align well with Shanahan’s criteria.

This alignment of vision and values lays a strong foundation for effective collaboration and a shared direction for the franchise.

The Bottom Line

Treliving’s consideration as the Maple Leafs’ next general manager makes sense. He has proven NHL experience, an ability to make tough decisions, a track record of acquiring valuable assets, and an alignment with Shanahan’s vision. All these make him a strong contender for the role.

In my mind, I’ve changed how I view Treliving as a potential candidate. He has experience and has demonstrated capable leadership.

The decision about who will be the new Maple Leafs GM lies with the organization. That said, Treliving’s suitability for the position makes him a serious contender. The Maple Leafs could do worse.


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