If the Toronto Maple Leafs want to push over the hump during the postseason, Corey Perry should be on the team’s offseason shopping list. The word has been that Perry has wanted to come to the Maple Leafs for the past few seasons, but that he hasn’t been asked. If that’s the case, it’s time to ask.

There’s just not much time left. He’s an aging warrior who can’t – I don’t think – go on forever. Although at times it seems he could.

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Perry Has Been Linked to the Maple Leafs In the Past

Perry has been linked to the team in the past. However, this offseason presents the perfect chance to bring in the veteran winger. It’s likely that several bottom-six UFA forwards – certainly Wayne Simmonds – won’t be back with the team. He could take Zach Aston-Reese’s spot and time and add a bit of scoring as well.

In addition, Perry’s last contract was an affordable $1 million. So, he won’t break the bank.

Perry’s No Longer a Top-Six Forward, But He Still Is Effective

Although Perry’s time as a top-six forward might be in the past, he could still chime in and not be lost on the Maple Leafs’ first two lines. Even if he were not used there, he’s still a highly-effective player. He even seems to relish bottom-six minutes. His agitating style of play fits anywhere.

The point is that he would be a valuable addition to the Maple Leafs’ roster – anywhere. He would surely make the team more challenging to play against. Perry brings a few things to the party that the Maple Leafs are short on. These include physicality, grit, and the ability to get under opponents’ skin.

He would provide an edge that the team could benefit from during the playoffs.

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Still, Perry Would Contribute Offensively

Perry can contribute offensively despite his age. Last season, playing with the Tampa Bay Lightning, he put up 25 points in 81 games. When you think about it, while not huge in itself, the points came in limited minutes.

Additionally, Perry could contribute to the second unit of the team’s power play. He can be counted on to chip in offensively if he’s given the opportunity. Perry’s experienced scoring touch could prove valuable in key moments and add depth to the team’s offensive arsenal.

Perry Brings Postseason Experience

Perry would also bring invaluable playoff experience to the team. He’s a Stanley Cup champion and former Hart Trophy winner. As a result, he gets it. He even seems to like the intensity and pressure of postseason hockey. No folding under pressure at the wrong time with him.

Bringing in Perry would seem particularly helpful for Maple Leafs this season. The team looks to give the core players one more chance to carry the team to the postseason.

Perry Would Be an Inexpensive Add

Financially, if the Maple Leafs signed Perry to another contract at $1 million, it would allow the team to address other areas of need while adding a player who covered multiple fronts. Perry’s ability to give the team physicality, scoring, and playoff experience makes him a valuable asset at a team-friendly price.

But the bottom line is that Perry would enhance the team’s competitiveness, depth, and overall playoff ability.

Time to make the move. It’s a no-brainer.

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