Tonight’s game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Dallas Stars promises to be a goaltending battle, with two young netminders making a significant impact early in the 2023-24 NHL season. Joseph Woll and Jake Oettinger have been the stars between the pipes for their respective teams, and their performances so far this season have been outstanding.

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Both Teams Have Early Season Winning Records

Currently, the Maple Leafs are six games into the season. They sit with a 4-2 record, and tonight they will meet another tough team in the Stars. Both teams are coming off wins. In fact, given the Stars’ record of 4-0-1, the Dallas team has not lost yet in regulation.

Jake Oettinger, Dallas Stars

While neither goalie is confirmed for tonight, the unconfirmed starters are Woll for the Maple Leafs and Oettinger for the Stars. Both team’s goalies have been playing well. In fact, they have almost identical records. Woll’s goals-against-average (GAA) is a healthy 1.44; however, that’s exactly the same GAA for Oettinger. Only in the two goalies save percentage is there a difference, but it’s slight. Oettinger has a save percentage (SV%) of .952 to Woll’s slightly better .957.

Joseph Woll: Toronto’s Solid Presence

Woll has been instrumental in the Maple Leafs’ winning record to start this season. With a record of 2-1-0, Woll is making a strong case for becoming the team’s starting goaltender. His strong GAA reflects his ability to keep the opposition scoring in check. He provides a solid presence in the crease. But what sets him apart this season is his impressive SV% of 0.957. He stops almost every shot that comes his way.

Although Woll has yet to record a shutout this season, his numbers have been remarkable. Toronto’s success in this matchup might hinge on his ability to continue to put up one more stellar performance.

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Jake Oettinger: Dallas’s Defensive Wall

On the opposing end, the Stars have been aided by Oettinger’s strong play. He has put up a perfect record of 3-0-1. In that, he’s been the backbone of the Stars’ defence. Like Woll, Oettinger has kept the opposition’s scoring at bay. His SV% of 0.952 is slightly lower than Woll’s, but both are equally impressive.

And, both goalies are able to make crucial saves in critical moments. Oettinger, too, has yet to record a shutout this season. Still, his steady presence in the net has been key to Dallas’s early-season success.

The Goaltending Showdown

As Woll and Oettinger work to establish themselves as the starting goalies for their respective teams, this game potentially stacks up to be a goalie showdown. Both goalies’ remarkable performances have stopped opponents from scoring. The game’s outcome will likely depend on which of these young goalies can maintain his impressive form.

Joseph Woll, Maple Leafs goalie

One will lose and the other will win. As the game between the Maple Leafs and the Stars unfolds, it’s clear that both Woll and Oettinger are off to great starts. It should be a fun game for fans to watch.

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