Matthew Knies’ successful integration into the top line with partners Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner was apparent from the get-go. Fans saw it firsthand, and it has become a significant talking point in Leafs Nation. For good reason.

In the video below, Maple Leafs head coach Sheldon Keefe highlights why this combination has been so successful. In this post, I will highlight three key factors Coach Keefe outlined.

Reason One: Knies Has Confidence That Shines Through

One notable aspect of Matthew Knies is his unshakable confidence. He isn’t intimidated by the prospect of playing beside two of the team’s brightest stars. Keefe emphasizes that this confidence was apparent when Knies made his playoff debut.

The high-stakes atmosphere and the pressure associated with being a Maple Leafs player in the playoffs didn’t faze him. Knies’ self-assured nature has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in his seamless integration with Matthews and Marner.

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Reason Two: Knies Can Matched Matthews and Marner’s Tempo and Pace

Knies’ performance beside Matthews and Marner has shown the young rookie’s hunger to excel. His approach to the game is marked by his relentless pursuit of the puck, quick footwork, and tenacity in puck battles. With two similar players on the team’s first line, Knies has elevated his play to new heights.

Matthew Knies, Maple Leafs rookie

Coach Keefe notes that Knies’ tempo and pace are currently at their peak. He can, and does, keep up with these two elite stars. As a result, he has excelled in terms of winning puck battles and maintaining a high level of intensity on the ice. Knies seems in his element with these two key Maple Leafs players.

Reason Three: Knies Naturally Embraces The First-Line Responsibility

The responsibility of playing alongside superstars like Matthews and Marner has brought out the best in Knies. He’s committed to playing his part to contribute to his team’s success. Knies has not only met the expectations set by his linemates, but he has exceeded them.

A key aspect of Knies’ game is his dedication to fulfilling his role and supporting his teammates. He has taken his place in accepting his role as a driving force behind his impressive performance.

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The Bottom Line for Knies on the Maple Leafs First Line

The bottom line (or, in this case, the team’s first line) now is working well. Partly, that’s because of the newfound combination of Knies with Matthews and Marner. From Knies’ perspective, he brings his unwavering confidence, his ability to keep up with a quicker tempo and pace, and his willingness to embrace the responsibility that comes with playing on the top line.

Thus far, this top-line synergy has ignited the team’s offence and offered fans a glimpse of what this trio can achieve together. While it’s only a single game, there seems no reason to change what seems to be working so well.

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