The true reason behind Kyle Dubas’ departure from the Toronto Maple Leafs remains uncertain. However, more information is emerging and there are conflicting accounts from team management and media reports.

During his announcement of Dubas moving on, team president Brendan Shanahan, normally composed, appeared visibly nervous announcing the decision. While the media focused on a new financial package as the cause, Shanahan’s statements before that suggest that he had doubts about renewing Dubas’ contract. 

New Information About the Reasons for Dubas Leaving

James Mirtle’s article confirmed the presence of disagreements and tensions between Dubas and Shanahan. These issues ultimately led to the decision not to retain Dubas as the general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs. (from “Mirtle: With Kyle Dubas gone, prepare for more Maple Leafs front-office fallout,” James Mirtle, The Athletic, 20/05/23).

The article suggests a pattern of issues between Dubas and Shanahan that spanned several seasons. It was reported that Shanahan intervened in blocking Dubas’ moves and made decisions that Dubas disagreed with. However, the specific details of these transactions or moves were not mentioned in the article.

Given this information, it seems likely that there might be further changes and potential fallout within the Maple Leafs’ front office as a result of Dubas’ departure.

Other Disagreements Between Dubas and Shanahan?

There might have been several disagreements between Shanahan and Dubas regarding the team’s direction, including decisions about the head coach and core players. For me, Jason Spezza’s resignation was telling. He really wanted to be here with the Maple Leafs, but could not bring himself to hang in there. What does he know that made him resign so quickly?

Does that mean there’s a rift among the organization’s members? The long-term impact and the team’s future success remain uncertain, with other division rivals seemingly improving while the Maple Leafs face internal turmoil.

Friedman’s Video Is Interesting in Its Take on Things

In the following video, Elliotte Friedman discusses several decisions and issues involving the Maple Leafs.

Point One: Penguins Expected to Reach Out to Dubas

The Pittsburgh Penguins are expected to reach out and ask for permission to speak to former Maple Leafs’ general manager Kyle Dubas. The Penguins are deep in their search for a new general manager and are interested in Dubas.

Point Two: There’s Shock Within the Organization

There was some surprise within the Toronto organization following the news of Dubas not returning as general manager. A big meeting had taken place with coaches and executives, where Dubas was leading discussions on how to improve the team. That meeting and Dubas’ place in it led many to believe that he would be staying.

Point Three: Dubas Wanted to Streamline the Decision-Making Process

Dubas had proposed streamlining the decision-making process within the organization to make it faster and more efficient. It was reported that this was not meant to cut out Maple Leafs’ president Brendan Shanahan but aimed at improving the speed of decision-making.

Point Four: Dubas Is Unlikely to Make a Media Appearance

There is no hint of when Dubas will meet with the media to discuss his departure from the team. I’d personally be surprised if he ever will tell the entire story. There would likely be no benefit.

Point Five: Is Former Calgary Flames GM Brad Treliving in Play?

Former Calgary Flames GM Brad Treliving has also been given permission to talk to both Toronto and Pittsburgh. Does that mean he’ll be a central candidate for the Maple Leafs’ job?

The Bottom Line

Overall, the report is that Maple Leafs and Flames are both seeking general managers who are not afraid to make bold decisions. Both teams have significant roster and contract decisions to be made. For the Maple Leafs, these include two contract extensions – one with William Nylander but the biggest one with Auston Matthews.

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